A Lust for Life – December 2017 – the Year of Inner Resolutions

The Positive Habit on A Lust for Life

Out of the fog of the silly season and New Year’s Eve, many of us ‘resolve’ to make New Year’s Goals that will really bring us success and happiness. We jump from one extreme to the other and from too much food and drink we decide to become vegan and run a marathon to make up for all the excess over the last few weeks!…read more

A Lust for Life – August 2017 – Feeling Safe

The Positive Habit on A Lust for Life

“Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.” – Eckhart Tolle 

Why is feeling safe so important?

Feeling safe is fundamental to our well-being. It’s primary, it’s primal and is the springboard from which we can create the life we deserve to live. When we are fully present we can enjoy a wonderful balm of comfort that comes with a deep sense of moment-to-moment awareness and an overall sense of calm..read more

A Lust for Life – July 2017 – 5 Effective Tips to Start Dealing with Anxiety

The Positive Habit on A Lust for Life

Tip 1 – Understand that anxiety is not your fault

Why are we collectively dealing with so much anxiety?

Understanding the roots of your anxiety is essential and also realising that it is not your fault is the first step to moving away from its crippling effects on your life. Quite simply, you are programmed to survive and you, like us all, have a negative bias that keep us alive and protects us from danger…read more

A Lust for Life – April 2017 – the Morning Ritual – a Habit for Success

the morning ritual a habit for successEstablishing a morning ritual has been shown to be one of the key driving factors of many high achievers and is a pathway to connecting to the sacred space that exists in us all. This sacred space is golden and untouched by the busyness of the mind and the outside world. Creating the habit of waking up in a positive state of mind with a set routine is an incredibly powerful way to ensure that you reach your full potential. As Aristotle said,

“If we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is then not an act but a habit.”

Read more here.

A Lust for Life – Let go of unwanted past conditioning – January 2017

The Positive Habit on A Lust for Life

Fiona Brennan writes in a Lust for Life about how to let go of unwanted past conditioning to tap into your full potential.

Many of us spend so much of our conscious and subconscious neural energy on rumination, doubt, worry, stress and concern. These negative emotions literally zap our brains’ full capabilities and dumb us down. Read more.

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