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Six Pathways

Rewire Your Brain

Change Your Mindset from a Negative to a Positive One

Evidence Based – 97% of people feel more positive after completing the course*

* (see success rates)

Based on Neuroscience & Positive Psychology

Discovery, Love, Care, Happiness, Compassion, Success

"...a self-help programme that works while you snooze and in fact sends you into a deeper sleep, happy days!"

"...I could feel the benefits after one week. I felt a general sense of calm and well-being that I cannot remember experiencing before."

"...the programme was having a noticeable impact on my anxiety levels, the little things simply weren’t bothering me as much."

"...I knew from the way I felt that the programme had worked for me, but the proof was in the pudding when I saw that the result of my survey at the end of week six was 88.89, a massive jump from my starting result."

Michelle McDonagh

Journalist, The Irish Times

”After a couple of weeks, I noticed myself feeling better. I wanted to eat well, to go to the gym, to leave the house and go to my office instead of working from the couch…”

”….this programme was just what I needed. Non-judgemental, full of common sense and practical advice, it forces you to examine yourself and see how you can truly help yourself.”

“…it has undeniably helped.”

Vicki Notaro

Journalist, Irish Independent

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