It’s a Habit

Anxiety is a habit and so is positivity

“If we are what we repeatedly do, excellence is then not an act, but a habit.”


  • New Research shows that a habit can take approximately 66 days to be broken, changed and for a new habit to become established. The Positive Habit course is designed get you into the habit of taking really good care of your mental well-being and leaving anxiety where it belongs – in the past.
  • Habits are formed by repetition and become more automatic after around 66 days. The most important thing to remember is that anxiety and or negative thinking as a habit is NOT YOUR FAULT and a lot can be done to change this unwanted neural pattern. The human mind is incredibly powerful and this course teaches you how to maximise the full potential of your mind.
  • Understanding yourself and how your mind works and then choosing to let go of fear is really and genuinely empowering.
  • The course is based on six “pathways” each of which represents a neural pathway in your brain: Discovery, Love, Care, Happiness, Compassion and Success. Following each pathway in succession will carve out the corresponding positive pathway in your brain. This is then reinforced by the audio MP3s which re-programme your subconscious mind.
  • The neural pathways in your brain are re-wired because of what is known as “neuroplasticity”. Please watch this 2 minute video that clearly explains how it works and what your mind is truly capable of.

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