Love Yourself Well – Change Your Mindset for Weight Loss Success

A ‘Love Yourself Well’ workshop will be held on February 10th, 2018 – we advise registering interest early as demand will be high.

The Love Yourself Slim Workshops held in September/October 2017 were a sell out success.

Below are some of the comments made by participants.

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“A fresh approach to weight loss.”

‘”have a tool box to take away with me.”

“I noticed a huge difference in my thinking even after one week.”

“Wouldn’t change a thing about the workshop.”

“I loved everything about the workshop.”

“Excellent content.”

“Elsa & Fiona are an amazing combination.”

“Love the combination of nutrition & psychology behind eating behaviour.”

“Comprehensive, well delivered, empowering workshop.”

“Very compassionate, likeable and approachable presenters.”

“Would absolutely recommend to a friend, without hesitation.”

“Really got me thinking why I make certain choices around food.”

“Highly informative.”

“Brilliant workshop, it was so helpful & I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

“Exceeded my expectations, love your double act.”

“I have a much healthier relationship with food now.”

“Simple & effective program.”

“The program was very interesting, easy to understand & non-threatening.”

“Learning self-compassion, self-acceptance & to be kind to myself was key.”

“A new approach to healthy eating.”

“Loved the approach of nutrition, psychology & self-care & how they are all interlinked.”

“Something just clicked with me.”

“It made healthy eating feel effortless.”

“I found the workshop so motivating it really opened my eyes to the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.”

“Listening to the hypnotherapy mp3’s at night really helped me.”

“I’m eating more mindfully now.”

“I don’t feel deprived saying no to unhealthy foods anymore, I realise I’m saying yes to something better.”

“I loved the practical & simple healthy eating guidelines, very simple to maintain.”

“I learned how to think more positively about myself.”

“The power of small changes was really brought home to me.”

“My cravings reduced significantly.”

“The tools I learned helped my feel calm & in control.”

“I now know that ‘treat’ foods don’t actually reward me the way I thought they did, making healthy choices and feeling good in myself is the real reward.”

“I have much more awareness of my thoughts and how to reframe negative thoughts into more positive ones.”

“I’m learning how to be kind to myself.”

“I get it now, self-love is self-care.”

“The workshop helped me understand the importance of planning ahead for healthy eating.”

“I now know that food only give me temporary pleasure, not true happiness.”

“I’m so much more aware of how/when I emotional eat.”

Participants at the Love Yourself Slim Workshops in Sept/Oct 2017

Two of Ireland’s leading weight management experts, Elsa Jones & Fiona Brennan collaborated on a 2-day weight loss workshop and created the
opportunity for participants to take control of their emotional eating and develop healthy eating habits for life!

See Fiona & Elsa on TV3’s ‘Elaine Show’ interviewed about their wellness and weight loss workshops.

Listen to Elsa Jones on Spin 1038 talking about weight loss and the Love Yourself Slim workshops.

Read about the psychological effects of sugar which were explored at the ‘Love Yourself Slim’ workshops.
Read about the telltale signs of emotional eating and how to stop in

Presented by Nutritional Therapist Elsa Jones & Clinical Hypnotherapist Fiona Brennan, ‘Love Yourself Slim’ is a unique mind body weight management program that deals with both the physical and psychological components of weight management, providing you with tools that will lead to lasting weight loss success. The areas covered at the workshops include:

  • Why is loving yourself important for weight loss?
  • Ditch the diet mindset & develop healthy eating habits for life
  • Understand your subconscious power to change the way you eat
  • Discover what truly motivates you & how to maintain motivation
  • Feel deprived if you don’t exercise!
  • The reward of self-compassion – no more guilt!
  • Healthy eating guidelines & meals that are practical & enjoyable
  • How to overcome emotional eating & beat cravings
  • The Courage to Sit with Emotions-Rather Than to Escape them with Food
  • Common weight loss pitfalls & how to overcome them 
  • Conscious eating & why you can’t lose weight if you are stressed
  • Staying on track – how to deal with socialising, holidays etc.
  • Reaching your positive potential  – the slim you in 3 months, 6 months and one year from now
Love Yourself Slim

About Fiona

Fiona Brennan is a nationally acclaimed Clinical Hypnotherapist (DypHYP & NLP Practitioner) and creator of the five-star online anxiety & stress management therapy program ‘The Positive Habit’ has helped thousands of men and women to change their relationship with food and to sustain a healthy weight. Fiona programs her client’s subconscious minds to let go of comfort eating and find healthy alternatives to deal with emotions. Fiona is also a regular contributor to the media on anxiety and stress. Full details can be found on

A month ago the sceptic in me would have said that there is no way hypnotherapy works. That it’s all in the mind. A month later and a dress size smaller I’d say that’s exactly the point.

Ruth O'Connor

Journalist, The Irish Times

I never believed I would be able to stay away from junk for so long – the strangest part is I don’t miss it at all.


40, Carlow

My relationship with food is much healthier and I just eat when I am hungry not when I am upset, stressed or even bored.


26, Cork

About Elsa

Elsa Jones is a qualified Nutritional Therapist (Dip NT CNM, m.NTOI) and author of the bestselling book ‘Goodbye Sugar’. She works as a nutrition consultant in a Dublin clinic where she tailor makes nutrition plans for clients based on their health needs and goals. Elsa is a leading spokesperson on nutrition in the Irish media. Most recently she featured as a nutrition expert on RTE’s health documentaries ‘Sugar Crash’, ‘Nine Stone Lighter’ & ‘What Women Want’. She also regularly appears on TV3’s ‘7 O’ Clock Show’ & RTE’s Today show.

As our resident Nutritionist Elsa has great success helping patients achieve their weight loss and health goals. Her practical approach to diet and wellness has improved the health of many of our patients struggling with obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and digestive problems.

Dr. Eleanor Galvin

GP, Rosemount Family Doctors

I used to feel powerless against my sugar cravings, not anymore. It feels good to be in control.



I was always an emotional eater and used food to comfort and reward myself after a stressful day. I used to turn to sweet foods when I was tired or stressed, now I know better. Once I figured out which emotions triggered me to overeat, I was able to put a plan in place to overcome them.



Love Yourself Slim

Over the course of the two Saturday mornings you will:

  • Receive healthy eating guidelines that are practical, effective & enjoyable.
  • Learn Practical CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) Techniques to help you change your thought patterns around food.
  • Experience powerful hypnotherapy sessions that help you program your subconscious to let go of emotional eating.
  • Have a clear strategy to follow for the week in between the workshops. Unlike most seminars where you leave with the best intentions and then go back to your old behaviours, ‘Love Yourself Slim’ is tailored so that you put the strategy into practice and report back the next week on what is working for you and what areas you need to look at more.
Individually Fiona & Elsa have successfully helped thousands of clients reach their health goals with tried and tested techniques. Now, for the first time, they will combine the best of both of their knowledge & skill sets to bring you a truly unique opportunity to really shift your mind set to lose weight & keep it off.
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