The Positive Habit


  • Six Months access to the unique Positive Habit five-star rated, online program
  • Learn how to rewire your brain
  • Change your mindset from negative to positive
  • See the benefits in every aspect of your life from personal relationships to work success
  • Try Risk-Free for 30 Days – Full Refund available*
What Do I Get?
  • Membership of The Positive Habit Program gives you access to the five star-rated, powerful, online self-help program for six months.
  • 8 MP3 audio downloads to keep forever.
  • Video introductions to each learning pathway
  • Reading and exercises to explore the themes of each pathway
  • Quizzes to assess your progress at the end of each learning/self development pathway

The Positive Habit is based on cutting-edge, neuroscientific research that demonstrates that the brain can be trained through the power of imagination and thought; it is flexible and malleable. This concept is called neuroplasticity.

The Positive Habit empowers you to reach your full potential, to find your unique path and purpose, to share positive energy with those whom you love and above all, to live a peaceful existence.

The Positive Habit enables you to see the positive in every situation, even stressful and challenging ones; to use practical techniques to deal with stress and negative thinking and to enjoy peaceful and harmonious relationships with those you love.

The Positive Habit Gift Vouchers

Perhaps you have gifted yourself The Positive Habit Program  and think someone you LOVE could also benefit from a positive mindset so that they too can feel calm, confident and joyful this Christmas.

Gift Vouchers now available.

How does it Work?

When you buy The Positive Habit as a gift you will be required to register with the The Positive Habit website as part of the checkout process (username, password, email address). This will not allow you access to the course but you will receive an email with a link/discount code which you should forward to the person you want to gift. They will then be able to login creating a username and password but without having to pay anything.

Membership to The Positive Habit program expires after six months but we recommend that you complete it within 70 days.

If you have a discount code you will be able to enter it at checkout to receive your discount.

*to avail of a refund you must have completed the first 3 modules within 30 days.

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