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Six Pathways to Positivity

Cultivate the most important habit of your life – Positivity.

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Fiona Brennan has devised “The Positive Habit”, a six week work-out for your mental health.  This self-help digital programme is designed for the person on the go as it is user friendly, interactive, beautifully visual and accessible on all devices so that you can bring the habit of positivity with you no matter where you are.

If you want to get fit, lose weight, stop smoking, improve your diet, let go of unwanted negativity or anxiety,  have closer relationships or perform better at work then this programme will help you to do just that.

When you have established the positive habit you are much more likely to make healthier choices and to gain the confidence to perform at your optimum level.

The Positive Habit is an empowering and highly practical guide that puts you in charge of your well-being and teaches you to become the master of your own mind. Based on the Positive Psychology movement and cutting edge neuroscience* the programme  enables you to develop a positive mind-set that will help you to achieve whatever you desire without pressure and from a place of inner calm.

You will:

  • Follow a pathway each week
  • Watch tutorial videos
  • Carry out simple exercises
  • Listen to the corresponding self-hypnosis MP3 which works on a subconscious level.

How will you know if the programme is working? Progress is monitored closely with the Positive Feelings Survey that you complete at the start of the course and at the end of each of the six pathways.

The six positive pathways are:

  1. Discovery: Discover your positive potential and learn how to self-regulate emotions.
  2. Love: Learn to love yourself and build your self-confidence.
  3. Care: Develop a self-care programme where you make healthy choices.
  4. Happiness: Set happiness as your default setting and embrace joy every day.
  5. Compassion: How to live in peace with yourself and others around you.
  6. Success: Achieve your personal and professional goals without pressure.

You will also:

  • See the positive in every situation, even stressful and challenging ones.
  • Use practical techniques to deal with stress and negative thinking.
  • Enjoy peaceful harmonious relationships with those you love.

N.B.  Subscription to the programme is for a period of ten weeks from the date of registration. After that date the user will not be able to log-in unless by special, discretionary arrangement with Fiona Brennan.

*Neuroplasticity is defined as the ability of the nervous system to respond to extrinsic or intrinsic stimuli by a reorganization of its function, structure, or connections. It has a significant functional, but also a therapeutic, role across brain diseases, as well as in health. It can be experience-driven, is time-sensitive, and it is influenced by the environment and internal states, such as motivation and attention.

Improving the Potential of Neuroplasticity, The Journal of Neuroscience, 25 April 2012

Course Overview

Module 1 Understanding Your Subconscious Power+
Unit 1 Understanding Your Subconscious Power - Video
Unit 2 Course Instructions
Unit 3 What is The Positive Habit?
Unit 4 Your Full Positive Potential
Unit 5 Your Commitment
Unit 6 Positive Feelings Surveys
Unit 7 Putting Positivity into Perspective
Unit 8 Neuroplasticity - Your Flexible Brain
Unit 9 Your Positive Choice
Unit 10 Epigenetics
Unit 11 Your Subconscious Support System
Unit 12 Your Conscious Support System
Unit 13 Positive Feelings Survey 1 - Understanding Your Subconscious Power
Unit 14 Positive Feelings Survey 1 - Results
Module 2 Discovery+
Unit 1 Pathway One - Discovery - Video
Unit 2 What does it Mean to be a Positive Person?
Unit 3 Go with the Flow - The Positive Psychology Movement
Unit 4 Why do We Think Negatively?
Unit 5 Stress Kills
Unit 6 Programme Your Imagination for Positivity
Unit 7 Discovering a Positive Self-Concept
Unit 8 Creating a Positive Self-Concept
Unit 9 Learning to Pause for Positivity - The Positive Pause Technique
Unit 10 Controlled Breathing
Unit 11 Uncontrolled breathing
Unit 12 Identifying Your Three Core Positive Emotions
Unit 13 How to use the Positive Pause Technique in the Heat of a Stressful Moment
Unit 14 Linking Back to Positivity
Unit 15 Protective Mechanisms Learnt in Early Childhood
Unit 16 Negativity Makes You Appear Stupid
Unit 17 Junk for the Mind
Unit 18 Laura's Story
Unit 19 How to Apply Pathway One - Discovery to Your Life in a Practical Way
Unit 20 Positive Feelings Survey 2 - Discovery
Unit 21 Positive Feelings Survey 2 (Discovery) - Results
Module 3 Love+
Unit 1 Pathway Two - Love - Video
Unit 2 Establishing the Positive Habit
Unit 3 Habits - Accentuate the Positive / Diminish the Negative
Unit 4 The Habit of Negative Thinking - Imagined Worries
Unit 5 The Habit of Positive Conscious Affirmations 1
Unit 6 The Habit of Positive Conscious Affirmations 2
Unit 7 Becoming a Positive Parent for Yourself
Unit 8 How do You Parent Yourself
Unit 9 Nurturing Compassion for Yourself
Unit 10 Your Coping Mechanisms 1
Unit 11 Your Coping Mechanisms 2
Unit 12 The Trigger Habit - How to Create Your Internal Map
Unit 13 The Habit of Self-Knowledge Lasts a Lifetime
Unit 14 Your Positive Default setting
Unit 15 Anna’s Story
Unit 16 How to Apply Pathway Two- Love, to Your Life in a Practical way
Unit 17 Positive Feelings Survey 3 - Love
Unit 18 Positive Feelings Survey 3 (Love) - Results
Module 4 Care+
Unit 1 Pathway Three – Care – Video
Unit 2 Putting the Practical into Positivity
Unit 3 Identify Your Unique Needs (not Wants!)
Unit 4 Meeting Your Needs Consistently
Unit 5 Unintentional Negligence
Unit 6 How to Start Meeting Your Needs
Unit 7 The Time-Old “Time” Argument
Unit 8 Paddy's Story
Unit 9 How to Apply Pathway Three - “Care” to Your Life in a Practical Way
Unit 10 Positive Feelings Survey 4 - Care
Unit 11 Positive Feelings Survey 4 (Care) - Results
Module 5 Happiness+
Unit 1 Pathway Four - Happiness - Video
Unit 2 Trusting Your Ability to be Happy
Unit 3 The Unhappy Habit
Unit 4 The Happy Habit
Unit 5 The Imagination Habit
Unit 6 The Imagination Habit in Practice
Unit 7 You Attract What You Focus on
Unit 8 Trust is the Root of Happiness
Unit 9 Grace's Story
Unit 10 How to Apply Pathway Four - “Happiness” to Your Life in a Practical Way
Unit 11 Positive Feelings Survey 5 - Happiness
Unit 12 Positive Feelings Survey 5 (Happiness) - Results
Module 6 Compassion+
Unit 1 Pathway Five - Compassion - Video
Unit 2 Spiritual Compassion
Unit 3 Negative Energy is Dark and Positive Energy is Light
Unit 4 The Habit of Respect
Unit 5 Compassion in the Home
Unit 6 Pause Before Petty Conflict
Unit 7 Home is Your Sacred Space
Unit 8 The Compassion Habit
Unit 9 Helen's Story
Unit 10 How to Apply Pathway Five - “Compassion,” to Your Life in a Practical Way
Unit 11 Positive Feelings Survey 6 - Compassion
Unit 12 Positive Feelings Survey 6 (Compassion) - Results
Module 7 Success+
Unit 1 Pathway Six - Success - Video
Unit 2 Dreams & Responsibility
Unit 3 Fear of Failure
Unit 4 Identifying Your Pathway to Success
Unit 5 The Confidence to Believe in Your Success
Unit 6 Making Your Dreams
Unit 7 Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness
Unit 8 Create a Vision Board for Success
Unit 9 Attachment to Outcomes
Unit 10 Jack's Story
Unit 11 How to Apply Pathway Six, “Success” to Your Life in a Practical Way
Unit 12 Positive Feelings Survey 7 - Success
Unit 13 Positive Feelings Survey 7 (Success) - Results
Module 8 How to Maintain Your Positive Shift+
Unit 1 How to Maintain Your Positive Shift - Video
Unit 2 The Shift
Unit 3 Self-Hypnosis - The Dial Technique
Unit 4 Maintaining Your Positive Habit
Unit 5 The Obligation to be Happy
Unit 6 The Positive Habit Works

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Understanding Your Subconscious Power

by Fiona Brennan | The Positive Habit

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