The Positive Habit Weekly Blog – 28th May, 2018 – the 4 Second Positive Pause Technique

Dear Positive Habit people,

I hope you are well and welcome to all my new subscribers; I am so pleased with how many of you came over from old marketing lists. Friday saw the implementation of the GDPR which is a very positive move forward in my opinion both from a data protection point of view and because we all need to simplify the amount of information we are exposed to. Let’s face it, constant marketing emails can do a business more harm than good as the message loses its impact and too many emails really annoy people. On that note, I promise this email is the only one that you will receive from me on a Monday morning. Less is more!  I am always delighted to hear from you and respect your privacy and your time. I do my best to make this blog as helpful as I can and am grateful to both my regular readers and my new subscribers.

In my continuing video series on mindfulness, this week I talk you through the 4-second positive pause technique. The idea behind this is learning to use the breath to pause when you feel any tension arising. It is an empowering tool that quickly shifts you from a reactive to a responsive mode; strengthening the mindfulness muscle builds confidence so whatever you are doing, voting in a referendum or trying to get your kids to school in the morning you will begin to feel calmer immediately.

Please let me know how the technique works for you. If you have followed The Positive Habit online program then you will already be familiar with it but being reminded of it is positive reinforcement.

Please do share with anyone you feel may benefit from some extra love and care and I promise you The Positive Habit is all about quality and a genuine desire to help rather than a sales tool.

If you happen to have the opportunity at 10.30 this morning, please tune into Today FM, when I’ll be on the Dermot and Dave Show talking about the science of happiness and how to change negative habits into positive ones!

The 4 second positive pause technique

The Positive Habit – Anxiety-Free, Stress-Free – Week 17
The 4 Second Positive Pause technique

The 4 second positive pause technique

Social Anxiety affects 16.8% of Irish people. Social media is a place where people judge and compare themselves to others.

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This program helps people to face the world, both virtual and physical, with true self-belief. It costs €99.95 – a small investment in time and money given the true benefits it delivers.

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